Kan3anyat organizes a recreational trip for children with Down Syndrome

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Kan3anyat News Agency organizes a recreational trip for a number of children with Down syndrome, in partnership with the Right to Live Society. Today, Kanannyat tried to shed a light on children with Down syndrome through helding “Right to Care” initiative, which aims at relieving children and drawing a smile on their faces to recover after the recent Israeli aggression. Though this initiative, children with Down syndrome have visited “Seif AlQudos Gallery”, where the head manager of Kanannyat News Agency Ms. Fadia Eliwa delivered a speech. Eliwas has ensured the necessity of psychological support through recreational trips and funny initiatives for children with Down syndrome.

Ms. Eliwa added, “ Our message is a message of love and peace for the children of love, children with Down Syndrome”. Our children are not extraordinary even if they smile. It doesn't mean that they have passed or forgotten. Our children in Gaza like all the other children around the world. They are afraid of bombing sounds, images of destruction, killing their siblings and neighbors. Even when they grow up, their memories are filled with wars and attacks. Today, we at Kananyat News Agency gunna shed the light on children with Down Syndrome to deliver their voices and messages about their right to live in peace.

We at Kanannyat News Agency ask the Palestinina and the international community to shed light on the marginalized groups including children with Down syndrome. Actually, their dreams were stolen in a terrible life full of wars and we recommend the necessity of forming a unified body for journalists to document the violations that have occurred.

We call upon digital, written, audio and visual media organizations around the world to condemn the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in general and children in particular.
Finally, we also call the civil society organzitaions to express their keenness to protect children and plan initiviates that would integrate children  Down syndrome into the Palestinian society and insure their rights and dreams as well.