Kan3anyat Stuff Discussing Ways of Cooperation with Right to Live Association

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Kan3anyat stuff and the Government Media Organization has paid a visit to the Right to Live Association in the Gaza Strip to discuss cooperation relations between the two parties, in the presence of the head manager of Kan3anyat Agency; Ms. Fadia Eliwa, Ms. Amira Al-Dreamli from the Government Media Organization and the executive manager of Right to Live Mr. Ahmed ElHelou
Mr. ElHelou has indicated their readiness to provide means of support and cooperation to achieve mutual aims in a way that benefits the children of Down syndrome in the Gaza Strip through the upcoming initiatives headed by Kan3anyat Agency

Ms. Eliawa, in her turn,  has praised the collective cooperation and its reflections on opening multiple horizons and collaboration opportunities between the two parties. Meanwhile, Mr. Ali Azzam, public relations manager at Kan3anyat Agency, has confirmed the significance of cooperation between private and public organizations to provide the necessary needs and rights for children

An intivatie titled “Right to Care” will be implemented next week to participate in a sandy mural on the gaza beach, fulfilling with joy, fun, games and gifts